Elchemie is a specialist recruitment agency in the technical and scientific field.

The E-Team

All employers and jobseekers. Meet the E-Team.

We all specialise in different industries ranging from Agriculture... Beauty... Chemistry to Project... Risk... Technical Management and more. We are qualified, capable and enthusiastic Recruitment Consultants, and look forward to assisting you with either your staffing needs or your career development.


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ELCHEMIE MANAGEMENT TEAM: Hi, I am Elisabeth, I started Elchemie in 2000 as a specialised technical and scientific recruitment agency, my ND Analytical Chemistry, BTech Watercare, PBL; experience in a mining laboratory, industrial water treatment sales and service and compliance management (ISO 9001 implementation, ISO14000 etc, Responsible Care) being an ideal background to understand the staff requirements of clients in the chemical and allied industries; my water treatment clients included any industry with boilers, cooling systems, industrial effluent, requiring a good knowledge of processes at client companies.

Telephone: 084 600 8020
Email: lis@elchemie.co.za


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ELCHEMIE MANAGEMENT TEAM: Paul has a ND Analytical chemistry, a BTech Watercare and has completed a Programme in Business Leadership at UNISA.
Has extensive experience in laboratory, LIMS, environmental work.
He is generally acting as advisor and IT Manager at Elchemie and if you wish to discuss a laboratory related position you are welcome to call him.
Telephone: 0824157585
Email: paul@elchemie.co.za