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The candidate completed a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering and is studying towards a BSc in Environmental Management and also attended various quality and environmental courses. Started working in the mining industry for about 3 years as a Metallurgist and is currently working at a water treatment company. The candidate is an Account Manager responsible for key accounts, sales management, risk assessments and client relationship building.
Remuneration: CTC per year R550 000
Category: Sales and Marketing


The candidate obtained a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, completed most SAPMA Paint Technology Modules and a Bachelor of Technology in Business Management. Has extensive experience in the paint and coatings industry and also in the chemical / plastic / polymer industry including business development, marketing, product development, research and development, technical service, laboratory and project management. The candidate is currently an Account Manager at a manufacturing company in the chemical industry.
Remuneration: CTC per year R550 000
Category: Sales and Marketing


The candidate completed a BSc in Chemical Engineering with optional courses in Mineral Processing and also has an MBA. Has vast experience in the mining, FMCG, gas, manufacturing, packaging and logistics industries. Started at a mining company and worked as a Production Superintendent, then moved into sales and marketing for the past 20 years. Has also held very senior positions including Marketing Development Manager, Sales and Marketing Director, Export Director and also Business Development Manager. The candidate is currently a business partner in the logistics industry servicing Central Africa.
Remuneration: CTC per year R700 000
Category: Engineering (Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation / civil etc)


The candidate completed a PhD in Agriculture and has been self-employed for 30 years doing consulting work to various agricultural companies. Previously owned and ran two farms responsible for irrigating crops, chemical application, harvesting, drying and delivering to markets various crops including maize, wheat, soya beans, vegetables and citrus trees. The candidate also wrote and published 245 educational books throughout South Africa and Africa. Currently in Limpopo consulting as an Agronomist and is very keen to relocate to KwaZulu Natal.
Remuneration: CTC per year R600 000
Category: SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk Control, Quality)


The candidate obtained a BSc in Minerals Processing Engineering, an MEng in Industrial Engineering, Intermediate Management Development Programme, Certificate in Environmental Sustainability and also attended various short courses. Started career as a Metallurgist in the gold mining industry and held various other positions in project and plant management. The candidate then joined an environmental and waste management company as a Mining Projects Manager, was promoted to Regional Key Accounts Manager and then National Operations Manager
Remuneration: CTC per year R840 000
Category: Engineering (Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation / civil etc)


The candidate has a BA in Psychology and is a Trade Tested Millwright (Red Seal) and is currently studying towards GCC Factories. Has worked in various industries including steel, pulp and paper, engineering and food and beverages. The candidate’s 13 years of experience includes fault finding on various equipment, installations, plant maintenance, health and safety, technical support, training and development and project management. Currently a Maintenance Engineer at a beverages manufacturer.
Remuneration: CTC per year R550 000
Category: Engineering (Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation / civil etc)


The candidate has a National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, a Diploma in Financial Management and a Management Development Programme. Has 20 years experience in the ink, paint and coatings industry including, quality control, running production projects, research and development on metal decorating inks, coatings and is currently a Technical Service Manager responsible for business growth, developing and implementing product strategies and pricing. The candidate is based in the Cape and is willing to relocate, possibly to Durban or Johannesburg.
Remuneration: CTC per year R750 000
Category: Engineering (Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation / civil etc)


The candidate has a National Diploma in Medical Biotechnology, Management Development Programme and attended numerous courses in Quality Management, Environmental, Food Technology, Safety and Auditing. Has extensive experience in quality control and assurance in industries including beverages, medical research and mining industries. The candidate also functions in production, operations, sales and logistics. Currently  self-employed and is keen to get back into quality control and quality assurance
Remuneration: CTC per year R650 000
Category: SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk Control, Quality)


The candidate obtained a National Diploma in Production Management in 2004 and she is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Technology in Operations Management. She has solid experience in the FMCG, Supply chain management and Manufacturing industries. Her experience includes goods return area clerk, stock control and trainee production manager. She is currently working as a Shift Warehouse Dispatch Controller responsible for processing loads, ensure that all vehicles are checked before loading and managing report
Remuneration: About R20000 CTC
Category: Production / Supply Chain - Logistics


The candidate has a BSc in Chemistry and also obtained an MBA in 2011. Started  career doing laboratory analysis work and has been in sales and marketing for more than 15 years in industries including pharmaceutical, scientific, medical and laboratory supply. The candidate held various positions such as National Manager, Regional Sales Manager and is currently a Sales and Marketing manager at a chemical company. Responsible for developing and executing a marketing plan worth over several billion rand per year and and expanding African and South African markets.

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Remuneration: about R950 000 CTC per year
Category: Business, Management & Executive