R&D, Compliances, Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Quality

Ref nr: 3959331647

The candidate obtained a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering. He is a experienced Regional SHE & Risk Specialist/Manager. He describes himself as highly capable, self-driven management professional with over 15 years combined experience in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality within the Production and Manufacturing Environment. He is based in Gauteng and available immediately.

Remuneration: R 474192 p.a.

Ref nr: 3476958515

The candidate has completed an NQF 2 as a Chemical Plant Process Controller, as well as SHEMTRAC and ISO Lead Auditing, along with various SHEQ courses. He is a Member of the South African Institute of Occupational Health and Safety and in process of commencing with NEBOSH International Diploma. His last position was that of a EHSQ Specialist. He is based in Gauteng and is available immediately.

Remuneration: R 456000 p.a.

Ref nr: 3207399228

The candidate obtained a National Diploma in Food Technology, followed by various courses, including Food Safety, ISO, HACCP, Product Management, FSCC and SANS among others. He has more than 10 years experience in FMCG and Quality. He had different roles and responsibilities within the different segments of the Food Industry and have acquired extensive knowledge on Legal Compliance Regulations, Process Improvements, Product Improvements, Management Capabilities and Styles. He is based in the Western Cape, willing to relocate and available immediately.

Remuneration: R 480 000 p.a.

Ref nr: 2557369533

The candidate obtained a Diploma in Food Science and Technology as well as a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. She also attended various courses including Hygiene and Chemicals, HACCP Awareness, Food Safety and Hygiene, and Advanced Allergen Management, to mention a few. She’s been a Food Technologist for 17 years and worked in various Industry Sectors in positions ranging from Quality Manager to Technical Manager. She is located in Cape Town, willing to relocate and available Immediately.

Remuneration: R 524 000 p.a.

Ref nr: 3209199489

The candidate obtained a BSc. (Hon) in  Biochemistry, a Certificate in Quality Assurance, Implementing and Maintaining, and Root Cause Analysis, to only name a few. She has more than 15 years Quality Assurance experience. Her current position is that of a Quality Manager where she has been working since 2019. She was born in Zimbabwe and obtained her South African permanent residency. She is situated in Cape Town and willing to relocate. She is available immediately.

Remuneration: R 537 000 p.a.

Ref nr: 122639681

The candidate obtained a Masters degree in Genetics, an Honours degree in Microbiology and a B degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology. She has also completed a course in Total Quality Management and has over 20 years relevant FMCG, Quality Management and Manufacturing experience. She currently resides in Gauteng and is willing to relocate.

Remuneration: R 909 000 p.a.

Ref nr: 1886296436

The candidate obtained a National Diploma: Engineering Metallurgy in 2011 and BTech Quality Management in 2016 at University of Johannesburg. Currently completing 2 subjects in order to obtain BTech Industrial Engineering end 2020.He completed courses in Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, She Representative Functions, She Representative, Introduction to OHS Act at NOSA in 2016. Currently working as a Quality Assurance Administrator responsible for Maintenance of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and transitioning to ISO 9001:2015, On-going management of Quality systems, processes, and procedures, Safety Audits, Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), Audit report writing, Supplier quality evaluations, Welding quality control, Incident Investigation and other.

Remuneration: R 312 000 p.a.

Ref nr: 3759167013

The candidate completed a BSc Environmental and Biological Science in 2017 at North West university. Soon-to-be graduate with an Honours degree in Biochemistry. She gained knowledge on chromatography (gas chromatography) and mass spectrometry developing novel ionization techniques, focusing on organic metabolites. Have been exposed to the practical applications of spectroscopy and been left to work autonomously on independent projects.
Remuneration: R 120 000 p.a.

Ref nr: 1773968640

Having successfully achieved a B.Eng. Chemical degree in 2016, the candidate is seeking to obtain a challenging position in chemical engineering where talents and educational experience can be utilised to the fullest. He is currently an Engineer in training. Training included common plant operating, boiler and turbine operating, engineering, pipes, flanges and vessel, hazardous identification and risk assessment. The candidate is ready to pursue a career as a process engineer.
Remuneration: R 804 205.30 p.a.

Ref nr: 1172681826

The candidate has obtained a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering. He is currently working as a demand planner and Project Manager (since Oct 2017). He is in Cape Town but also willing to relocate to Gauteng to secure a position as process engineer.
Remuneration: R276 000 CTC p.a.

Ref nr: 2675748780

The candidate obtained a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering and will be completing his BTech in Chemical Engineering in 2018. He also completed various technical courses, a Certificate in Project Management, a Certificate in Water Treatment, problem solving and sales and management courses. His experience in the petrochemical industry includes process control, production and projects and nearly 2 years in industrial water treatment sales.
Remuneration: R70,000 p/m CTC

Ref nr: 3078134459

The candidate has 8 years of experience in Process Engineering, with the last 4 years in a Senior role. She has a BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and a Masters’ in Engineering Management. She has been employed for the last 4.5 years as a Senior Process Engineer in the Biosciences R&D and Manufacturing industry. Her previous position was as Plant Support Engineer in the petrochemical industry.
Remuneration: R72,700 p/m CTC

Ref nr: 2031074989

The candidate has obtained a Master’s degree (with distinction) in Chemical Engineering and is due to complete his Ph.D. in 2018. He has accepted a contract position to assist with process and project management in the mining industry. He is looking for a permanent position as Process Engineer in the Chemical Industry.
Remuneration: R336 000 CTC per annum

Ref nr: 1533922593

The candidate has obtained a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. He is currently employed as an application specialist with an engineering firm where he has been working since 2015. He is interested in pursuing a career as a Process Engineer and has gained experience in process plant modelling. He is proficient in ASPEN Process Modelling and ASPEN HYSYS.
Remuneration: R336 000 CTC per annum